hand made technical illustration of a single hemp plant, full height including roots and canopy

This is

Regenerative by Design.
Engineered by Nature™

sero™ technical natural hemp fibre fiber close up

Technical natural fibre, sourced from annually renewable plants.

fields of hemp and flax

Natural fibres for
next-gen products.

Regener­ative Fibre

This is hemp, one of a family of plants packed with dense bundles of fibre in their stems. They regenerate soil, capture large amounts of carbon, and are an ideal multipurpose crop. Hemp is playing a key role in the regenerative agriculture movement.

In collaboration with our network of partners, we are creating regenerative consumer products that go beyond sustainability and start doing good for the planet.

Isolated image of a single hemp plant.

Beyond Circular

A cross section of the plant stem, our logo shows the bundles of bast fibre surrounding a hollow core.

This represents our commitment to push beyond sustainability, one positive impact product at a time.

isolated image of a hemp stalk, close up, cut to reveal its internal structure
isolated image of a hemp stalk, close up

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Our fibre enables daily-use products that go beyond waste reduction and work to regenerate our environment from the soil up.

Illustration of a baby wearing a diaper containing sero™ technical natural fibre.
Illustration of a person using a sero™ commercial cleaning wipe on a motorcycle
Commercial Wipes
Illustration of a person using an intimate care pad containing sero™ fibre
Intimate Care
Illustration of a hand using a baby wipe made from sero™ hemp fibre to clean a smiling baby
Baby Wipes
illustration of hands using a spray bottle and a sero™ hemp wet wipe
Cleaning Wipes
Illustration of a person using a sero™ hemp makeup remover
Cosmetic Care
Illustration of a home construction project using sero™ natural fibre
Building Products
Illustration of a hand using a wipe made from sero™ hemp fibre to clean another hand
Personal Care
Intimate care pads containing sero™ hemp fibre, displayed in front of packaging
Cosmetic pads containing sero™ hemp fibre, displayed in front of packaging
Diapers containing sero™ hemp fibre, displayed in front of packaging
Wipes package containing sero™ hemp fibre


Upstream design that enables renewable product lifecycles by replacing plastic with natural fibre in the manufacturing of technical and personal care products.

Hemp and Flax Linen soil to soil regenerative agriculture illustration

Sustainable Agriculture

Regenerative practices yield resilient fibre crops that require minimal
inputs, improve biodiversity, and
build soil health.

Illustrated diagram of hemp and flax fibre being separated from seed, hurd, and flower

Fibre Separation

Raw fibre is harvested intact from the plants. Agricultural coproducts such as the woody core, seeds, or flowers are separated for alternate uses.

Bast fibre processing, raw decorticated fibre to finished sero™ technical natural fibre

BFT Processing

Our proprietary processing technology cleans, individualizes, and softens the fibre to meet industry-specific requirements.

Nonwoven products containing sero™ technical natural fibre: cleaning wipes, personal care wipes, intimate care pads, diapers, makeup removers

Product Manufacturing

By integrating our technical natural fibres, our partners can design out plastic, creating next-generation sustainable products.

Illustration of a wipe decomposing in soil, part of a circular regenerative system

Natural Recycling

Products designed for compostability eliminate waste while contributing to the next lifecycle in a soil-to-soil regenerative system.

We know the destination, we've started the journey. Join us on the path to a regenerative future.

Pacific coastline in Canada, showing evergreen trees, a rocky shore, the ocean and kelp